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Development of a corporate website

Construction company “NOVA” provides a full range of services for drilling water wells. For more than 12 years in the field of engineering, the company has assembled a team of 30 professional employees and completed more than 100 projects. Our client is trusted by both private companies and public corporations.


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Form style

Corporate colors were selected together with the client. Orange was chosen as the main color, as an association with drilling rigs. The secondary color was blue, as an association with water.

Website functionality

The 7SITE web studio team has implemented a corporate website for a construction company in 2 languages: Russian and Ukrainian.

The site is adapted for mobile devices and has a convenient structure. Also, visitors will be able to leave an application Online or contact the company in any convenient way.

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Additional functionality

For added convenience, we have implemented an online chat on the site, as well as a callback widget. Each user can write a message directly to the manager and get answers to their questions. A message from the user will be sent to the manager in a special mobile application.

Also, users can leave a request for a call back and the company manager will call you back within 15 minutes. This is very handy if the user wants to get quick feedback.

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