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Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is gaining more and more popularity among all marketing tools.

Every day, companies generate hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars worth of sales from social media.

Order a consultation from the head of the marketing department of the 7SITE web studio, and we will prepare a personal presentation for you on website promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

Stages of work


Project analysis
Competitor analysis
Forming hypotheses

In the first stage of work on the project, we analyze the client’s product, its unique selling propositions and advantages. We also analyze competitors by at least 10 criteria and form hypotheses.


Analysis of the target audience
Creation of creatives
Formation of links

The second stage is the dress rehearsal before the launch. We analyze the target audience, create creatives (video, banners and text), and also form bundles.


Setting up campaigns
Launching bundles
Analyzing results

Then our targetologists set up advertising campaigns, launch bundles and analyze the results. The work doesn’t end there, as we regularly optimize campaigns and test dozens of different hypotheses.

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