NUDEFOOD кейс 2.1

Website development for a healthy food delivery service

NUDEFOOD is a healthy food delivery service that helps users start eating right, lose weight, keep fit and always be in good shape. Customers can get acquainted with information about the company on the website, choose the ration they like and arrange its delivery for any period. Every day, NUDEFOOD couriers will deliver healthy nutrition rations to the door of your home or office.

The 7SITE web studio team develops, develops and promotes the site through Google ADS contextual advertising and social networks Facebook, Instagram.


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When developing the website design, our team relied on the already existing NUDEFOOD brand book.

We kept the corporate colors of the company and used them to highlight the main messages, CTAs and other important information.

Convenient meal plan

The main product of the company is the ration. The 7SITE team approached the development of the diet card design with full responsibility. The main task was implemented: to place the most detailed information about the diet on one screen spread.

The user will be able to read the description of the diet, study the ratio of KBJU, select the required number of calories, place an order for the diet, place an order for a trial day, and also see an example menu for the day.

NUDEFOOD респонсив разработка


NUDEFOOD портфоліо

Adaptive design

We have implemented a convenient and functional website with versions for computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Now every user who visits the site from any device will be able to appreciate the company and place an order in a few clicks.

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