Forasland разработка сайта

Development of a corporate website

Forasland is a consulting company that operates in the field of land services throughout Ukraine.

The 7SITE web studio team developed from scratch a corporate website in Ukrainian and Russian with an adaptive design for mobile devices, tablets, laptops and computers. We also carried out a set of measures for search engine optimization (SEO).

The development period was 14 working days. The result is an excellent, user-friendly and attractive website that is visited by hundreds of potential customers every day.


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Form style

Dark blue and two shades of green. The perfect color combination for a corporate site in the niche of land consulting. The designers managed to highlight and emphasize the important elements of the site with different color schemes.

Simplicity and convenience

The site was developed in a fairly simple and user-friendly design. We conducted an analysis of the target audience and, based on the preferences of the target customers, this design option was chosen.

By accessing the site, absolutely every user will be able to get acquainted with the company and the services offered in 10 seconds.

Forasland портфолио веб-студии


Forasland портфолио

Website functionality

The main task of this corporate website is to familiarize a potential client with the list of services and obtain their contact information. The site copes with both tasks 100%.

A convenient structure, two language versions, a mobile version and a sufficient number of feedback forms make the site as useful as possible for users.

Forasland кейс