Портфолио Укрнаукагеоцентр

Corporate Website Development

The state company “Ukrnaukageocenter” carries out a full range of research and production-thematic works, geological exploration for oil and gas, both traditional and unconventional types of deposits (shale gas, gas of compacted reservoirs, gas (methane) of coal deposits and etc.).
The 7SITE web studio was tasked with developing a modern corporate website that would display all information about the company, services and products. You can find the results of the work on this page.


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Style and structure

Designers have chosen the most relevant colors for the client’s niche. The site has a convenient structure, describes the activities of the company, the entire list of services, as well as a blog with interesting entries and news.

Website development

The 7SITE team implemented the project according to the client’s specifications. We have developed a convenient and multifunctional corporate website adapted for mobile devices from scratch.

Сайт Укрнаукагеоцентр


Кейс Укрнаукагеоцентр

Results of cooperation

As a result, our client received a beautiful, modern corporate website in just 20 days.

Do you need a corporate website to sell goods or services? Let’s discuss your idea together and implement it.

Пример кейс Укрнаукагеоцентр